Risk is inherent in everything we do. Every business is different and has a unique set of risks that may affect your staff safety, daily operations and ultimately your income. If you need help with your risk management systems then draw on our experience to respond to your needs and facilitate continuous improvement in your business practice. Our wide range of experience in risk assessment means we have a working knowledge of many different industry and workplace environments throughout Australia.


Workplace Safety and compliance should be a high priority for all business and industry employers. Failing to meet compliance requirements can be costly. Phase Zero offers the same benefits of a full-time Work Health & Safety (WHS) department or expensive Safety Management software for a fraction of the cost. Phase Zero will help your business achieve and maintain its specific safety objectives and compliance requirements. Our consultants are experienced safety and risk experts backed by systems and tools that make safety compliance a part of your modern, agile business management style.


In addition to our primary clientele, we also cater our skills sets for large-scale special events. Whether it be an extreme sports event or an outdoor gathering of any scale, we can provide our risk management expertise and Project Management consultants to ensure your next event is safe and successful. Phase Zero Consulting is proud to be the safety management providers for the Massive Murray Paddle


Phase Zero can assist your business with:
- Emergency Response Plans                         - Emergency Management Audits
- Evacuation Plans                                                - Emergency Response Training.


At Phase Zero we offer all your safety and risk training requirements. Our experts can help your organisation cultivate a strong safety culture, improve productivity and reduce risk-related costs through employee education in workplace safety. Phase Zero can also design, deliver and validate training activities for your unique operational needs. Such as,  
- Confined Space                                                        - Heights Safety
- Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)             - Emergency Response

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