Hello and welcome to the new Phase Zero website!

This new site will be our way of communicating with you about our services, as well as a place for you to find great safety advice, templates and guidance. Over the coming weeks we’ll start to populate the site with document templates you can use to help manage safety and safety-compliance in your business, whatever your business might be. As time goes on you can check back to get updates and new templates as your needs change and grow with your business.

Our site will also provide a place for our clients to manage their day-to-day risk and safety, via our Client Portal. The portal will give you access to the Live Safety Management System, where you can add, update, amend or remove risks and hazards from your risk assessment, keeping it current and effective in near-real time. It’s also the place you can send us alerts and we can respond to the changes in your business to make sure your safety compliance is managed in a way that maximises your safety and minimises your risk of missing compliance requirements.

We’ll also be hosting videos about important safety issues. Key to this over the next month will be communicating information for the Massive Murray Paddle, a great Australian event in its 49th year. We’re proud to be the official Safety Partner for the event and we’ll be launching some really great new initiatives for the safety of competitors and support crews in the next few weeks - watch this space!

Finally, this blog area will give me an opportunity to communicate directly on safety issues we think are important. Our work around small businesses gives us plenty of insight into the challenges of maintaining safe and compliant workplaces - this insight isn’t something we feel a need to keep secret, we want to share it with you and we will, right here.

Thanks for visiting our great new website, many thanks to Truss for turning the idea into reality.


Adam Kelly


Malcolm Shand 21 Feb 2019 4:01 PM

G'day Adam,

This is not a comment in regards to your site or support, I am seeking advice or your services in obtaining information on confined spaces rescue equipment.

I recently contacted Spencer McDonald (Southerncross Equipment) in regards to information on abtaining a Confined Spaces Rescue Hoist/Tripod. I am investigating the use of this sort of equipment in the Navy. He gave me you as a contact for futhering my investigation. My employment within the Navy is as a Flight Deck Operations Command Supervisor which covers Rescue & Fire-fighting of aircrew from damaged aircraft after or during an aviation incident at sea on our new Landing Helicopter Dock ships.

At present we use an Arion Rescue ladder to extract aircrew from an overturned aircraft. We have our personnel carrying aircrew over their shoulders up a ladder from the inside of an overturned aircraft. I see this as very labour intensive, not including the possible WHS concerns with carrying a pilot or aircrewman that weights over 80kgs up a ladder onto the aircraft shin, aluminium or carbon fibre, and then transitting down another ladder to safety.

I have had a quick look at the a few systems such as the Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex AZ Tripod and associated equipment for extracting aircrew from an overturned aircraft. The system I would like to investigate would have to be able to be secured onto an aircraft fuselage (helicopter) when it is on its side, either with the feet of the tripod (Raptor feet) plus securing lines to stop the system splaying apart and also being able to secure more lines to the deck points on the ship's flight deck to stop the system moving on the aircraft. I would reccomend utilising a hand block for the lines to run through that could take the weight off a combined total of 250kgs, this would cover the basic weight of one rescuer (100kg maximum) plus breathing apparatus (16kg plus rescue equipment carried up to 5kgs (21Kg)). There are weight restrictions on aircrew of no more than 100Kgs, due to restrictions on the aircraft cabin seating.

Any information or a way forward would be greatly appreciated as I have to convince my stakholders in Rescue & Fire-fighting that such a system would be to our advantage.


Malcolm Shand
Chief Petty Officer
Royal Australian navy


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