Yarrawonga to Swan Hill
404km / 5 days / 1 River
November 18 to 22, 2019


The PZTracker system was developed as part of Phase Zero's holistic event safety management package. On Day Zero at registration, each vessel will be provided with a small GPS tracking unit, which will report your location via the PZTracker Network for the duration of the race. The PZTracker Network will be supported via a Drone fleet powered by Safety Drones Australia. The PZTracker system is a key part of making the event safer than ever.  


There are some important safety messages we need to communicate to people attending the Massive Murray Paddle. To make it even easier for everyone to get these messages, we've created the 30 Seconds for Safety video series. We'll keep adding to the series, so check back regularly and stay safe out there.


Our Road Books are a supplement to the ground crew maps in the event handbook. Road Books date back to the pre-GPS era when car rallies would publish the race directions this way (many still do). A nice bit of trivia - the name for the turning symbols is 'tulip' - dating back to the Tulip Rally that first used them in the 1950s. You can print the road books or use a tablet to view during the event - please don't read and drive. Just zero your trip meter at the signs positioned at each checkpoint, then follow the distance and turns.

We think the format is ideal for finding your way from checkpoint-to-checkpoint, especially for first time ground crews. We've driven the routes a few times now, but be aware every vehicle's trip meter will be slightly different. There can be flooding and road closures out of our control, which can change the routes. We will keep updating these road maps if anything does change, so keep checking the event Facebook page up to and during the race. 


Coming Soon



The PZTracker Bracket is printed on a 3D printed out of ???  providing a flexible and sturdy alternative to secure the tracker unit to your boat. We have a limited number of these PZTracker Brackets, so get your order in by close of business Friday 8th November. All purchased brackets will be handed out with your PZTracker during race-registration on Sunday 17th November. We will only have a very small number of brackets for sale on the day, so pre-order yours now to avoid missing out.

Suitable for Kayaks, Surfski's and Canoes, the PZTracker Bracket includes,

  • 1 x 3D printed flexible base,
  • 1 x water-resistant Velcro strap, 
  • Screw holes in the base for a more permanent attachment option. And,
  • Double-Sided tape for a temporary attachment option.

PRICE: $15.00 AUD

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