How does the PZTracker system work?

The PZTracker, is a GPS-based location system using the PZWiFi network to determine your vessels location during the race.

1.     Your vessels location is transmitted via a series of PZGateways located at each checkpoint, on the Screen/Sweep boats and on a series of drones flying         throughout the race. 

2.    The PZGateways process information and display it on the Phase Zero website, where it can be viewed on the PZTracker map.


What range do the PZTrackers have? 

The range of the tracker-to-receiver radio link is around 1km in the race area, although in clear line-of-sight it is much further. However, trees, buildings and terrain will reduce the range of the radio link.

The PZTracker network includes PZGateways also attached to Safety Drones Australia's (SDA) airborne drones. These drones can increase the range of the PZTracker unit considerably allowing line-of-sight to trackers tens-of-kilometres away. These drones will only be flown at periodic times during the race to get updated location information for vessels outside the coverage of the ground-based PZGateways.

If we are concerned about the location of a vessel at any time and it’s outside the range of the receivers, we can deploy a SDA relay drone in minutes and pick up any trackers in that area.


How will I see my paddler’s location during the event? 

We display the tracking data on a custom built interactive map, which you can access via the Phase Zero website, MMP page.   The website is mobile-responsive so you can view it on any device as long as you have internet reception.

Your paddler(s) will show up as an icon displaying their boat number. You can click on their icon to see more information including their team name. You can also use the search function on the website to search by boat number or team name.

If you require assistance with the website or your paddler’s location, contact us at or call/chat to our on-site Phase Zero Safety Team during the event.

What if my internet reception is poor?

When you are at a checkpoint or Start/Finish during the event you can join our dedicated tracking PZWiFi network and view the PZTracker map without internet access. This version of the PZTracking map is the most up-to-date, as it refreshes more often than the standard internet version. NB: The PZWiFi network has no access to the public internet, you can only view the PZTracking map.


Why is my paddler’s icon not moving, changing colour or not visible? 

The PZTracking system is based on signals between your individual PZTracker unit and the PZGateways. The practical range of the tracker-to-receiver link is around 1km, so if your paddler outside this 1km radius they will appear to stop moving. The standard colour for vessel icons on the PZTracking map is blue. If an icon turns yellow it means no signal has been received for 10 minutes. After no signal is received for 30 minutes the icon will turn red.

If you are unable to see your vessel's icon after using the search function whilst at a checkpoint or Start/Finish, please see the Phase Zero staff at that checkpoint or call us on the numbers in the event handbook.

What are the PZGateway locations?

·      Start and Finish lines

·      Checkpoints A, B & C

·      on the Screen and Sweep boats, and

·      Safety Drones Australia relays on drones. 

NB: There will be sections of the race route that are reception 'black spots' for the PZTracking network. Coverage if the system is not 100% between checkpoints, but we will endeavour to fill the gaps as much as possible using the SDA drone fleet fitted with PZGateways, as weather and other flight restrictions permit.


What if I’m worried about my paddler’s location? 

If at any time you’re concerned about your paddler’s location, approach one of the Phase Zero or Safety Drones Teams on site, or call the Safety Team on the numbers in your race handbook. They can assist with locating your paddler either by checking within our network or enacting the lost-paddler plan.

If you require assistance with the website or your paddler’s location, contact us at or call/chat to our on-site Phase Zero Safety Team during the event.


Why is the PZTracking website not working or updating?

The race area has patchy cellular network coverage, so the most common reason is you may be out of range of a Cell Tower or your mobile device has a poor internet connection.  Using the PZWiFi network at checkpoints will allow you to view the PZTracking page without internet access. If you are unsure about how to connect to the PZWiFi network, see the friendly Phase Zero Safety staff at the checkpoints and they can assist. There will be a demonstration of the system at the race registration briefing on Day Zero.


How does the PZTracker attach to my boat?

We supply the PZTracker with double-sided tape.

·      Peel off the backing and stick the unit to the deck of your boat in a clean, dry and smooth area.

·      Attach the PZTracker so the Phase Zero sticker is facing the sky. If you have a boat without a deck (a Canadian-style canoe for example) you can attach the PZTracker to the hull or thwarts anywhere the unit will have an un- 

       interrupted view of the sky.

·      Phase Zero also offer a specialised PZTracker Bracket 3D printed from a flexible filament. These need to be pre-ordered, and can allow for many other variations to secure to your vessel. 

If you’re unsure or have trouble getting the tape to stick, please see the Phase Zero Safety Team and they can assist.


How do I remove the PZTracker at the END of Day Five Finish Line?

To remove your PZTracker at the Day Five finish line we will use a piece of thin string run underneath the tracker unit, which cuts the foam tape. You will have some tape residue left on your boat, which you can clean off with eucalyptus oil and a cloth.

If you want to know more about the PZTracker system or require assistance with the website, contact us at or call/chat to our Phase Zero Safety Team during the event.




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